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Would you be interested in changing the future of healthcare, now? 

Medoma’s short term vision is to alleviate the health care crisis by offering high-acuity hospital care in your home. Our long term vision is to unleash the power of health care professional and improve care processes through better tech. Our technical platform is focused around three main pillars. Medical Logistics, Usability and the right intelligent data handling. We are now looking for a passionate developers who wants to make an impact with us!

Our technical environment
We are cloud enabled but we simultaneously follow a tiered, modular approach where we aim to apply the right level of compliance and security for different parts of our system domains. We also have a strong belief in a best-of-breed approach where we collaborate within the eco-system of great MedTech-startups in order to build the absolute optimal end user experience in collaboration with other great health care services. We want the user experience of our platform to be a great purpose-fit to our users demands.

Our cloud partner is Microsoft, but we also intend to use local Cloud Partners to adapt to local regulations and practices. We share a strong belief that there are a lot of improvements to be made by tech-enabling more of the logistics and planning processes within healthcare. We therefore see a lot of opportunities for cross-pollination of best practices from other fields to improve our new care model that we are introducing to Europe.

We are currently a small but talented team of developers, products specialists and health care professionals and we would love to get in touch with more talent who share our dream of creating the future of tech enabled healthcare now.

Your profile
Either you are an experienced frontend developer with knowledge and passion about React / Javascript and CSS


You are an experienced backend Developer with skills within .Net / C#. As a backend developer we hope you have skills or curiosity for functional code in F#.

It is ok to be fullstack as well. 🙂

Apart from being developer you are likely to be a lot more things that we would love to learn more about. If you, just as us, want to give patients great healthcare in a modern and better way, and believe tech is an enabler to achieve that vision. Let’s connect and speak more!


About Medoma
Medoma is a Swedish (founded and headquartered) virtual ward company that offer patients acute hospital care in their home instead of in the hospital.

The care is conducted with a combination of physical visits from medical staff (doctors, nurses and physiotherapists) as well as digital consultations, coordinated through a technological platform monitoring vital parameters, as well as optimizing “care-out-of-home”logistics.


Om oss
Senterprise Sverige AB är ett ledande nischat IT-rekryteringsbolag med expertis inom rekrytering av erfarna systemutvecklare. Vi hjälper idag några av Sverige mest attraktiva arbetsgivare med IT-rekrytering, uthyrning av rekryteringskonsulter samt IT-konsulter.  
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